Looking for Tickets to the Jets Bengals Pre-season Game?

Looking for Tickets to the Jets Bengals Pre-season Game?
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Looking for tickets to this Sunday’s Jets Pre-season game but don’t want to throw down a few hundred for tickets.  No problem.  Jets Twit Tickets has you covered again for the second year!  You can attend Sunday’s game for tickets as low as $6.00 EACH for the upper deck.

Also, if you want to experience the Coaches Club Seats which normally go for $400.00 each and up, you can land a ticket for $40.00 only.

Prices as of Thursday 10:30am

JetsTwit_Tiqs Want to experience a #Jets Coaches Club for a VERY LOW Price this weekend? #tickets Sunday – http://t.co/8rZwVe1 http://t.co/p5sK0Bc 8/16/11 7:36 PM

Want to sit behind Fireman Ed?

Make sure you filter section 124.  Also that’s my section.  Make sure you stop in and say Hi to me.

Fireman Ed's Section 124

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