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The Captain’s Dedication – Sanchez and Holmes

The Captain’s Dedication – Sanchez and Holmes
santonio10 Still ain’t made it home yet! Don’t know if I should take day quill or night quill ? Smh long flight. So sleepy 8/16/11 4:59 AM
santonio10 @Mark_Sanchez @DUSTINKELLER81 let’s get that lift in before we go home! 8/16/11 5:14 AM
Mark_Sanchez Im in RT @santonio10: @Mark_Sanchez @DUSTINKELLER81 let’s get that lift in before we go home! 8/16/11 5:24 AM
santonio10 It’s called putting in OT! #ToneTime style @HighSociety1804 @BillyBecks @LaShaeMusiq @plaxico @deemason85 @DUSTINKELLER81 @Mark_Sanchez 8/16/11 7:20 AM

The Jets finished the game last night against the Houston Texans around midnight, flew home early in the morning and arrived at Florham Park while most people were getting up for work.  What did two of our captains do?  Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes got a lift in and watched film.  DANG!  I’m tired just reading their tweets.

Now that’s dedication.

santonio10 Just finished my 6am lift w/ @Mark_Sanchez and watched game film. Time for bed. #ToneTime 8/16/11 7:06 AM
santonio10 Still not home yet and people are driving to work! 8/16/11 7:35 AM
santonio10 Finally home @ 6am! Inside my oxygen chamber http://t.co/GVaOja6 8/16/11 8:10 AM

A nice warm Oxygen Chamger? LOL.

  • http://twitter.com/subzero2401 Rich Rozefort

    Let’s keep this thing going! We believe!!!

  • http://twitter.com/starrburst38 starr

    That’s wats up jets!!!!!!