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New York Jets Player’s Tweets – The Day After Texas

New York Jets Player’s Tweets – The Day After Texas

The New York Jets had a late night flight back from the loss in Texas and the players were tweeting while most of the Jets fans were sleeping.  Mark and Santonio were making their plans to watch film and get a 6am lift in.  Last night, these players got some quick tweets in most likely on the bus to the airport.  The rest of the tweets are below.

quice Just landed not too long ago……can’t wait to get in this bed and watch Spongebob…felt great to be back on the field…. 8/16/11 5:08 AM
ACromartie Mane what a great night for Monday Night Football. It’s finally here headed to the stadium in game mode. God Bless… 8/15/11 4:43 PM

I would be too with the came Jeff had last night.  He played well and was involved for the majority of the game.  He took a big step yesterday.

jcumber2 #3words sore as hell 8/16/11 5:59 AM
realeddiejones Going to lay down for a couple hours before getting up and finding a way to better myself. Thanks again for all the love and support. #Jets 8/16/11 6:21 AM
TheJakeDuron Finally back in Florham Park. #Zzz 8/16/11 5:29 AM
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