Mark Sanchez on the Cover of GQ Magazine

Mark Sanchez on the Cover of GQ Magazine
TheJetsStream Guess who’s on the cover of the September issue of GQ magazine? #Jets QB @Mark_Sanchez. Take a look: #nyj 8/15/11 8:10 AM
TheJetsStream #Jets @Mark_Sanchez tells GQ he wasn’t happy w/Rex after he said he might bench him after MIA gm: “I wanted to fight him. I was really mad.” 8/15/11 9:31 AM
TheJetsStream #Jets @Mark_Sanchez on MNF blowout loss to #Patriots last year (via GQ): “I don’t think I’ve ever been that embarrassed.” #nyj 8/15/11 9:27 AM
TheJetsStream #Jets legend @RealJoeNamath on @Mark_Sanchez (via GQ): “In my heart of hearts, I know he’s a championship- caliber quarterback.” #nyj 8/15/11 9:33 AM
TheJetsStream #Jets @Mark_Sanchez on 45-3 loss to Pats in Wk 13 (via GQ): “You went out & talked a bunch of smack & then got your ass kicked. It sucked” 8/15/11 9:41 AM


September 2011 Cover

  • pasangel

    Great cover!!!! The Jets are going to have a great season!