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Wheels Up Tweets to Houston

Wheels Up Tweets to Houston
nickmangold Sucks not being with the guys for the trip to Houston but I know they will do great. #CantWait to watch them put on a show tomorrow night 8/14/11 3:18 PM
santonio10 Wings spread wide, wheels up in T-10 secs in counting. #ToneTime 8/14/11 3:09 PM
Cordarol Airplane mode. Bbl once we land in Houston. 8/14/11 3:07 PM
ACromartie Taking off now headed to Houston for the game tmrw on Monday Night Football. Its only the preseason but mane I excited as heck. “Can’t Wait” 8/14/11 3:00 PM
Drew_Willy Wheels up…next stop Houston! 8/14/11 2:56 PM
mowilkerson Bout to catch this flight to Houston 8/14/11 2:41 PM
Cordarol On the bus to the airport #Jets 8/14/11 2:28 PM
realeddiejones I’m praying the rain for NJ comes back to Texas with me I know its needed. 8/14/11 2:22 PM
JWesterman55 It starts tomorrow. 8/14/11 2:13 PM