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Wheels Down, The Jets are in Houston

Wheels Down, The Jets are in Houston

The Jets players have landed in Texas.  Before the wheels went up, they sent these tweets.  Now that they’ve landed, the following tweets were sent.

mikecam84 Houston Texas flow 8/14/11 6:44 PM
JKerley_11 Can never get use to this long flight!! But happy to be back n tx, wht up @TeamTeague 8/14/11 6:46 PM
Cordarol Just touchdown in Houston,TX 8/14/11 6:56 PM
ACromartie The JETS have arrive in Houston..time to eat jus hollered at my Cuzzo @mark_simmons13…and if u not followin him pls do..funny as heck 8/14/11 6:56 PM
jcumber2 Just landed in Texas first pre season game tomorrow 8/14/11 6:56 PM
chris_stewart5 I miss this humidity ahhh. Who all coming out to the game tomorrow?!! 8/14/11 6:58 PM
marcusdixon94 JETS are in town 8/14/11 7:05 PM
quice Just landed in Houston…..awesome flight!!! Hahahaha. @ACromartie knows what’s so funny!! Bout to go grab some grub and watch some movies.. 8/14/11 7:11 PM