Cotchery Says He Went to the Steelers Because They are a “Legitimate” Contender

Cotchery Says He Went to the Steelers Because They are a “Legitimate” Contender

Jerricho Cotchery arrived to his new team today and addressed the local media.  We all know that Cotchery had asked for a release and that Rex and Mark had asked him to stay, but we hear more quotes of why left.

Jerricho’s main reason, he felt that he was NOT the future and that he was under appreciated.  I also think that the culture of the Jets, once Rex arrived, did not mesh well with Jerricho.

“It was time for a change, time for a change of scenery for myself and the organization as well,” Cotchery told The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It was time to move on. Future-wise I didn’t really see myself fitting in.

  “People on the outside looking in might say, well you been there that long, you’re part of the future, but I didn’t really see it that way. I think it would have been beneficial for both sides to move on.”

If you had ever spoken to the WR, and I have in 2009 Jets Training Camp, he is soft spoken.  He does all his talking on the field and was doing it as the number two receiver for his entire career until Santonio and Braylon showed up last year.  It was clear that Jerricho’s role was going to be similar to last years, the number three and he wasn’t going to have any of it.

Because Jerricho doesn’t complain and isn’t a talker to the press, that’s why when he was in talks of leaving the team, first in a trade and then in a release, it shocked Jets Nation.  What bothers me is that he picked the Steelers as the team for him.  He states that their culture is exactly what he’s looking for.  So we hear all these stories that every player in the NFL wants to be with the Jets and Rex and here you have a case of a player who wanted out.

“I’m just here to help the team get to the Super Bowl and winning it,” Cotchery said. “You’re always a contender, as the Steelers are every year, legitimately. My goal is to come in here and make some plays and win that Super Bowl. “That’s exactly why I came here — to play for a Super Bowl contender. And the atmosphere. The way they handle their guys over here, it’s something I need at this time. It’s the best atmosphere for me to thrive in as a player and as a person.” – Quotes from the

Now I’m not saying Rex did anything direct to J-Co, but it was clear that Cotchery didn’t like the new regime and the direction Rex was taking the Jets.  It’s too bad, because I really like him on the Jets, he was a tough player was a rare WR in the league who didn’t shoot his mouth off.

  • Sbbiomed

    I loved J-Co, as he was my favorite player on the Jets because he was clutch and was tough as nails.  By saying the Steelers are a legitimate contender is saying the Jets are not contenders and fake, which shows he is not the class guy I always thought he was.  

    He supposedly was not happy about being the third receiver and he is going to the Steelers as the number 3 or 4, behind Ward, Wallace, and possibly Sanders.  So, his argument of being the number 3 in NY is crap or he would have gone somewhere as a true number 2.

    The future?  He is getting hurt and on the decline a bit.  The Jets only have one receiver locked up long term, so Plax might not last and he could have been a flop and J-Co would have been the number 2.  The Steelers have receivers locked up longer and Ward is has a few more years left.  Also, he took a one year deal (I believe), so the Steelers don’t see him as their future either.  I am beginning to think that he is a player that doesn’t talk, but hold in their emotions and sulks like a baby..  He seems to not be a true team player and looking out for the betterment of himself and not his team..

    • Jason

      How wrong were you. He is a key guy in the Steelers system. Sure he’s 3rd on the team (4th when Wheaton steps up) but he is clutch.

      • Erik Manassy

        How wrong was I? I never said he wasn’t clutch. I actually wish he was on the Jets now with our WR hell we are in… Never wanted him to leave.