Cortland’s Doug’s Fish Fry at #JetsCamp Today!

Cortland’s Doug’s Fish Fry at #JetsCamp Today!

One of the most popular joints to eat at in the past at Jets Training Camp in Cortland has been Doug’s Fish Fry.  With the strike, the Jets were going to miss out on their favorite grub, but management arranged a visit for the Doug to set up his own camp at Training Camp Today!  I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE GONE TODAY!

DWAZ73 A taste of Cortland in Florham Park with Doug’s Fish Fry setting up shop for a day at #Jets training camp. Woohoo! 8/12/11 10:17 AM

Inside Doug's Place

The New York Jets have chosen SUNY Cortland as their training camp for the summer of 2009. On July 31st, the New York Jets will start their training at the University where owner Woody Johnson said Cortland “had all the ingredients to make it happen here.”

Mark Braun, owner of Doug’s Fish Fry Cortland, is very excited. Mark has been a Jets fan for 33 years and a season ticket holder for 14. We will post pictures and news about Doug’s Fish Fry Cortland and the New York Jets here to share with you.

Thank you to our customers, the fans and the New York Jets in making our summer of 2009 one of the most memorable times at Doug’s Fish Fry in Cortland!