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Plaxico and Mark have Miscommunication Already?

Plaxico and Mark have Miscommunication Already?

Miscommunication in the future for Mark Sanchez and Plaxico Burress?  Hardly, but read this fun twitter conversation of where to go for dinner, who should pay, and how you should travel.

According to the tweets between Mark Sanchez and Plaxico Burress, it looked like the two had dinner plans in the city.  Plax started the twitter conversation stating that Mark was making him wait to which Sanchez replied that Plax changed the location.

I don’t mind this miscommunication off the field, but let’s not hear this story on like Plax thought Mark was throwing an out, and Mark thought he was running an in.  I joke of course, but it’s fun to see these guys picking on each other online.

plaxico I am currently waiting on my QB for dinner. He has me standing outside the restaurant looking crazy. 8/10/11 6:29 PM
Mark_Sanchez dear @plaxico, you switched the location of dinner after I had been @ the planned dinner spot for a 1/2 hour! #coldblooded 8/10/11 6:51 PM
Mark_Sanchez Who should pay for dinner?? Me or @plaxico ? 8/10/11 6:56 PM
plaxico The QB always pays for dinner! 8/10/11 8:34 PM
plaxico Come on, you know @mark_sanchez paid for dinner. He insisted, so I was kool with it. He was late because he took the ferry. Unbelievable! 8/10/11 10:47 PM
plaxico The starting QB for the NYJ takes public transportation. I love it! Hahaha. You have to love that about your QB. Priceless! 8/10/11 10:53 PM
plaxico I told him my driver would take him home. He declined. He may have had a hot date. @missannietang: Did u at least offer him a ride home? :) 8/10/11 11:14 PM