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@MadBacker57 ‘s “Can’t Wait” Shirts are a Hot Item

@MadBacker57 ‘s “Can’t Wait” Shirts are a Hot Item
Madbacker57 just got some more green can’t wait shirts. http://t.co/mrGNvxs 8/10/11 1:32 PM

I just went to the CantWait57.com website  50 minutes after this tweet and the site says that the black and green shirts are sold out.  I’m hoping that the webmaster forgot to fix the site, but if not, wow, these are going like hot cakes.

Bart, if you are reading this, LOSE the purple and white shirts unless you put the art from the black and green on those shirts.  Those are the ones everyone wants.

The Green and Black are the HOT Items. Lose the Purple and Change the White.