Shaun Ellis Is Worth 4 Million to the Patriots but Not the Jets

Shaun Ellis Is Worth 4 Million to the Patriots but Not the Jets
JennyVrentas Confirmed Ellis signed a 1-year deal w/NE worth btwn $4 and 5 million. Source also said he had “more than one” multi-year offer. #nyj 8/8/11 12:49 PM
JetsInsider I love Shaun Ellis and he’ll always be a great Jet but for $4mm, Bellichick can have him. #jets #NFL #nyj #jetscamp 8/8/11 1:03 PM

My Take

Wow, just wow.  Are you kidding me?  There is NO Way that Shaun Ellis would have ever gotten 4-5 MIL with the Jets.  It does anger me that he did go to our most hated rival, but hear me out on this… I THINK THE JETS ARE AT FAULT.

Yeah I said it and here is why:  If we truly wanted him back, I mean TRULY, we would have coughed up more that the veteran minimum.   I’m not saying that the Jets should have paid anywhere near what the Patriots gave Shaun, but 1.9 to 2.5 MIL ish would have been fine for me. Is he the same player that he has been, no, but who is after 11 years in the league (Ok maybe Ray Lewis, but he’s a freak), but he did play very well against the Patriots in the playoffs.

Many will argue that Shaun would have been a waste of a roster spot, but I completely disagree.  He could have at the very least platooned at end and at the most, he could have been a starter and a fantastic mentor to the young players.  The one thing I think that would have been the most valuable was to keep our hidden secrets from the Patriots.  Both teams are well known for getting guys off each other’s rosters and “downloading” playbooks from their brains, but does that really help the other team?  It can’t hurt.

Ellis killed Brady in the Playoffs Last Year

Shaun is totally worth 4 million and they did not over pay.  If the Jets offered that contract, I would have said we were robbed.  Here is my reasoning.  They are going to get a proven veteran, who still has a lot of gas in his tank.  You are going to put him next to Albert Haynesworth, who if he gets his head on straight, will draw the double team and open the lanes for the Defensive Ends to do their job.  If this were to happen, please don’t be surprised if Ellis’ numbers blow up.  He could get double digit sacks.  Again, the Patriots are getting great value, and oh yeah, they get knowledge of the other team.  Now I know Rex will change things up, but how much can you change completely.  This move gives the Patriots a slight edge.  They also did it for one other main reason:  To embarrass the Jets.

One thing is for certain, everyone thinks the Jets lost in this battle and that their off season has been a nightmare.   I completely disagree.  I believe that the Jets were ready to move on from the “Old” leadership and turn the defense over to it’s younger stars.  Revis and Harris are two of the core players and they will step up and own the new defense under Rex.  It was time to move on from Ellis.

Shaun was doing what was best for Shaun, sign a HUGE deal (which will most likely be his last).  I don’t blame Shaun one bit for taking the big contract, but he had to factor in what it was going to do to his Jets Legacy and if listening to talk radio and watching the interwebs is any indication, he just shit the bed.

The Jets were trying to get by by offering a good veteran an insulting offer and it came back to bite them in the ass.  They have no one to blame, but maybe they never really wanted him back all along.  Maybe they felt that if he did take their offer they were winning the lottery.  I think they knew deep down he was going to leave and of course in the media the Jets have to say that they truly wanted him back to save face.

Rex Ryan
“The fact that he chose them, like I said before, there’s no way I’m going to wish him well. There’s no chance of that. I wish him to be healthy, but I don’t want him to play that well.”
Rex Ryan On Shaun Ellis Going to the Patriots

I’m with Rex though.  I hope he doesn’t get hurt, but I hope he just plain blows this year.

Shaun.  Kudos for looking for yourself.  Boo for ruining your Jets legacy.  Get ready for our games, we will be ready.  Make sure to get a good night of sleep and be sure to eat a big bowl of Cheaties:

Eat 2 bowls Shaun when you Play Us

  • Jets#1

    Before the Patriots game, in the previous 12 games Ellis had a grand total of 1 sack. 

    No way I pay more than the vet minimum.