The Jets Twit Podcast: Episode 223 with Fireman Ed!

Scotty McKnight Trying to “Help the Team”

Scotty McKnight Trying to “Help the Team”
smcknight21 Time to eat and then meetings for the night. Thanks again everyone! 8/2/11 6:39 PM
EarlbEarl @smcknight21 hey scotty how,s camp going? 8/6/11 11:06 AM
NYJTimmck @smcknight21 i was there on tuesday and damn man… you are fast as hell… keep up the good work. you already have one fan in me at least. 8/6/11 10:14 PM
smcknight21 @NYJTimmck thanks a lot appreciate that. Just tryin to work hard everyday and help the team. Thanks for comin out to support 8/6/11 10:17 PM
smcknight21 Nice day off of recovery and getting the legs back under me. Another big day tomorrow. Goodnight! 8/6/11 10:21 PM