Mark Sanchez Thinks Dustin Keller is a “Loser”

Mark Sanchez Thinks Dustin Keller is a “Loser”

In the past Dustin Keller and Mark Sanchez always took pictures of each other, played pranks on each other and just goofed off on twitter.  It’s a new season and more pranks on twitter.  Don’t put your head down Dustin, even if you are tweeting or you’ll get this twitpic send out.

DUSTINKELLER81 “HI I’m mark Sanchez..I like wearing Jets gear to smash burger!!!” 8/7/11 12:26 PM

Keller making fun of Sanchez cause he's wearing his Jets Garb Out

Mark_Sanchez haha ok @DUSTINKELLER81 got on me earlier, but this is him @ #smashburger in florham park w/ all #jets gear!!! 8/7/11 7:47 PM

According to Mark, Dustin is a Loser