Jets Tried to Re-Sign Jason Taylor at Start of Free Agency

Jets Tried to Re-Sign Jason Taylor at Start of Free Agency
RichCimini #Jets called Jason Taylor and tried to re-sign him a few minutes after the start of free agency, he told @ArmandoSalguero of the Mia. Herald 8/6/11 11:08 PM

Jason Taylor was on rental to the Jets for one year, I get that.  When the Dolphins parted ways with the Tuna, it was a way for Jason to get back to the team he belongs with.  He didn’t sign with the Dolphins for one of those ceremonial signings.  Oh no, he’s going to play and you know he’s going to come at the Jets.

In the past he was the most hated rival the Jets had and the fans couldn’t stand the guy.  The one thing Jason better not do is pull a 180 and then talk trash about the Jets.  Remember Jason, when your career was in the gutter, we were the only team that wanted you and the fans embraced you too.  The biggest mistake you could make would be to trash the Jets fans.  Just play football or otherwise you’ll prove that you used us and your word means nothing.

Now that you are on the dolphins though, I have to go back to not liking you, but not to the original level.  Well not yet.  That all depends on you.

  • 99jet

    I guess he doesn’t care about winning a SB. Must of come to the Jets cause no other team would sign him. Now, forget about SB, he has no chance of even sniffing playoffs. Glad he’s not a Jet, just collecting paycheck based on past performance.