Plaxico Wants to Meet the Guy with the Hat

Plaxico Wants to Meet the Guy with the Hat

Plax.  You played in NY for a good piece of your career!  Do you mean to tell me that you didn’t know Fireman Ed or even hear of him?!

plaxico What’s the guy’s name with the fire hat that gets the Jet chant going?I gotta meet this guy. I love his passion! 8/6/11 12:36 AM
plaxico @FiremanEd42 Yo Ed, looking forward to meeting you. Get your lungs ready because we gonna be scoring some points! #JetsNation! 8/6/11 12:39 AM
plaxico JetNation is crazy! I love it! 8/6/11 12:49 AM

Plax and Fireman Ed’s meeting will have to meet as the big guy is in Chicago hunting bears!

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FiremanEd42 Rolling in Wrigley! Where’s da Bears? Let’s go!#jets 8/5/11 4:04 PM
FiremanEd42 Chicago it IS my kinda town 8/5/11 6:39 PM
FiremanEd42 Where’s the bald fella? Urlacher #54 8/5/11 6:45 PM
FiremanEd42 Fireman Ed in town! Let’s go #jets 8/5/11 6:48 PM