Jeremy Kerley is On Twitter – @JKerley85

Jeremy Kerley is On Twitter – @JKerley85
Jkerley85 S/O my boys who been there for me since day one!! @JJonesTcu83 @Kalm_nKool1 @EntIC3ing 8/4/11 10:35 PM

Mark has been helping 85 out a lot so far.

Rookie WR Jeremy Kerley is on Twitter as @JKerley85.  Make sure to give him a follow.  Jeremy has been said to be tearing it up so far in training camp.  With the departure of Jerricho Cotchery, do the Jets try to replace him with a free agent or does Kerley earn his way into the starting lineup as a WR.  We know that he’ll be touching the ball most likely on special teams, but I’m hearing this guy is going to be a force.

rodboone Just from very brief observations, I think @Jkerley85 is going to help this team. You can tell the coaches like him. #Jets 8/4/11 5:37 PM
Jkerley85 Just talked to moms, told her shes the sweetest! 8/3/11 11:26 PM