Why I think Tom Moore is one of the Biggest Acquisitions for the Jets

Why I think Tom Moore is one of the Biggest Acquisitions for the Jets
KristianRDyer Jets – Tom Moore: Armchair consultant http://t.co/zT4ZJX1 via @metronewyork #nyjets 8/4/11 8:56 AM

John Moore oversaw the development of quarterback Peyton Manning for Manning's entire career.

I’ve been walking around and telling anyone who would listen that I think the biggest move the Jets have made so far in 2011 was to bring in former offensive coordinator Tom Moore as a consultant for the Jets offense.

If you don’t know who Tom Moore is, the name should go hand in hand with QB Peyton Manning. Sure Peyton did a lot of things on his own, but Tom Moore was there guiding him making him better.  Now you have Tom mentoring young Mark Sanchez AND is now going to have an influence on current offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.  HUGE.

Metro NY Writer Kristian R Dyer

The Jets’ secret weapon this season certainly won’t be Plaxico Burress or Santonio Holmes.

Chances are, the biggest addition to the offense will be sitting in his South Carolina home for much of this year, watching the game on television. Meet Tom Moore, who will literally be the team’s armchair quarterback — well, armchair consultant.

For over a dozen years, Moore was the offensive coordinator of the high-powered Colts offense — one of the most dynamic passing attacks in NFL history. Moore is credited with being the mastermind behind quarterback Peyton Manning’s ability to rewrite the record books.

Moore retired at the end of last year and this past June joined the Jets as a consultant to the offense. “I’d known Rex for a long time, having competed against him. I have great respect for him,” Moore told Metro. “This spring, (offensive line coach) [Bill] Callahan called me and asked me if I’d be interested in consulting. I came up for a couple days and I’m here now.”

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