Something is Fishy with the Jerricho Cotchery Release

Something is Fishy with the Jerricho Cotchery Release

Today 8/4 - Picture of J-Co after the News Broke

Earlier in the week it started with rumors that the Jets were looking for a trading partner for Jerricho.  Then word came out yesterday that the Jets were bringing in former Raven Derrick Mason for a physical.  Today was a circus around the facility as Jerricho approached the reporters and said he was being released.  There were reporters tweeting pictures of Rex, Mr. T and Woody walking around the facility holding meetings, talking on cells and just acting strange.

The release came today before the start of the 4pm practice and afterwards Rex and players were addressing the media.  More news started to come out on twitter.

BrianCoz I spoke with Jerricho’s wife. She said her husband does not want to get into a back and forth with the #Jets. 8/4/11 7:23 PM

The word on the street is that Jerricho asked for a trade OR a release.  On twitter I learned that Mark and Rex tried to talk Cotchery out of it to no avail.  What is GOING ON?  Something is fishy with this story?

nflwhispers There is definitely a hole in this Cotchery story. Let’s see what comes out. You just don’t release a good player because he asks for it. 8/4/11 7:22 PM
JennyVrentas Cotchery alluded to unhappiness earlier. Said he spoke to a few members of coaching staff, but “a lot of people didn’t see it that way” #nyj 8/4/11 7:13 PM

I guess the Jets felt like they had to get a replacement in fast for Cotchery and Braylon was not the option.  He signed with the 49ers tonight for only 3.5 Mil.  Remember Plaxico cost the Jets 3.017 so the Jets probably know something is going to happen to Braylon because of the latest incident and continued problems.