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Plaxico Tweeks Ankle Might Miss 1-2 Days

Plaxico Tweeks Ankle Might Miss 1-2 Days
ConorTOrr Plax tweaked his ankle working out independently, Rex just said. “He might be observing for another day or two.” #Jets 8/4/11 11:21 AM
rodboone Rex said Plax tweaked an ankle and he’s not sure if he’ll practice today. “I want to be smart with him.” #Jets 8/4/11 11:21 AM
rodboone In fact, Rex said the trainers told him Plaxico is a no go. Emphasized it’s nothing major. #Jets 8/4/11 11:23 AM
RichCimini Rex Ryan gave no details on Plax ankle injury. Remember: he hasn’t even practiced yet. #nyj 8/4/11 11:23 AM

Plax was able to address the media about his ankle:

ConorTOrr Plaxico Burress said he’s not worried at all about the ankle. “I’m in great shape” he said. #Jets 8/4/11 11:48 AM
TheJetsStream Plaxico’s injury is NOT on same ankle that caused him problems in the past. It’s his left ankle now. #nyj 8/4/11 11:48 AM
ConorTOrr Burress said if it was his choice, he’d be out there tonight during (possible) first padded practice. #Jets 8/4/11 11:51 AM
janesports Plaxico said that he wants a championship with the Jets. To win one with the Giants and the Jets would be pretty extraordinary. #NFL 8/4/11 11:56 AM
JennyVrentas Burress’ ankle does not appear to be taped or iced as he speaks with the media. #nyj 8/4/11 11:58 AM