What is the State of the Jets Receivers? My Take (@e_man)

What is the State of the Jets Receivers?  My Take (@e_man)

One of the positions that has been turned up on it’s head has been the Wide Receivers.  We drafted two, didn’t sign one FA and are talking about possibly trading another.  I wanted to take a deeper dive on what I think about the receiver predicament so far.

Santonio is a Lock

Santonio Holmes is going to be the number one.  We signed him fast and we paid him big.  He’s the game changer and last season proved it as he won or put us into position to win games.  There really isn’t much to say about him.

Can Plaxico Return to his old Form?

Plax was a Stud for Big Blue

If Plaxico Burress can return to his old form of himself, then he’s going to be a big contribution to the team.  I say he picks up where Braylon left off where he gives Sanchez that big target but he also has that burning speed. The big question mark is will he be ready for the game opener against Dallas on September 11th.  I had heard he kept himself in shape and used Michael Vick as his “blueprint”.

Plaxico Burress
“If it wasn’t [for Vick] going through what he went through, maybe I wouldn’t be here today,” Burress said on the first day of Jets camp. “So I’m grateful for him in so many different ways.”
Plaxico Burress August 2, 2011

Yes, the Jets took a gamble on a person who I truly believe is sorry and ready to make up for his bad decisions in the past.  I have this gut feeling that Burress is going to have a very good year.

Close the Door on Braylon

His Off the Field Issues are Just too Much

Rex said today that if Braylon wants to come back, he needs to take a pay cut.  I think this is Rex just trying to not hurt the wide receivers feelings.  Too many things have transpired and it appears the Jets have moved on with the signing of Plaxico Burress.

Now the question marks start to appear at the three slot.  Some say Braylon can come in and start as the number two receiver if Plaxico isn’t ready or be the number three receiver.  Braylon, if he had his head on straight, could be a number one receiver on most teams.  Do you REALLY think after all he’s been through with the Jets in the past week, that we would accept a third string assignment.  The fact of the matter is I think Braylon needs to get his act together and fast off the field.  He’s been having melt downs on twitter  and we know about his history with the Jets in the past.   I think the final straw just happened a few days ago when his entourage was involved in a bar fight.  Braylon wasn’t arrested but it just adds to his poor reputation of being a headache off the field.

Rex Ryan
In today’s press conference, Rex Ryan said that the Jets would possibly bring back Braylon Edwards but if the price is right.   “If Braylon wants to come back for what we can pay, come on back, Braylon.”
Rex Ryan August 3, 2011

I wanted Braylon back on the Jets right up until the point I heard about the fight.  I’m done.  I don’t hate the guy and I really do wish he gets some serious help, but I need to move on and the Jets apparently are ready as well.  I’m not sure why Rex is keeping the door open a crack with his comments today, but that’s what Rex does.  He doesn’t burn bridges.

Edwards considers himself a No. 1 receiver, and you have to think he’s looking for at least $8 million per year. He made $6.1 million last season, and it’s hard to imagine him swallowing a massive pay cut to return to the Jets. – per Cimini

There is NO WAY the Jets are going to bring back #17.  Oh wait, we have that filled already.  His buddy Kerry and the Cardinals have been making a play to get him in AZ and even Chris Johnson wanted him with the Titans.

Can the Rookies Contribute?

Can Scotty Make the Team?

We drafted Jeremy Kerley, a rookie this year who has speed.  He probably will see more action on special teams than a starter in the offense but it’s too early to make that call.  We also drafted Scotty McKnight, who I like, but realistically I see on the practice squad this year.  BTW, here are some of this tweets from yesterday.  I don’t know enough about the two rookies yet to make a guess that they will be starters for Gang Green, but obviously that’s the plan.

Should the Jets Trade Cotchery?

I was shocked when I heard that the Jets were shopping Cotchery around.  Speaking strictly from a fan perspective, NO the Jets should not do it.  Can you imagine the uproar of Jets nation if we trade of the most current popular Jets.  From a business perspective, maybe the Jets are going to get value for an older player who is a great possession receiver.  There are other needs the Jets need to address like Safety and a pass rusher.  If the Jets feel confident with the WR Core and Dustin Keller, then maybe it makes sense to unload Jerricho while you can still get value for him.  I personally think it doesn’t make sense.