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Rookie Scotty McKnight Tweets his Thoughts on Camp

Rookie Scotty McKnight Tweets his Thoughts on Camp
smcknight21 Appreciate all the Jets fans makin it out to practice today! Great atmosphere to practice in. 8/2/11 6:06 PM
smcknight21 Time to eat and then meetings for the night. Thanks again everyone! 8/2/11 6:39 PM
Jets_Launchpad @smcknight21 Congrats on being drafted to the best team in the #NFL! #Jets 8/2/11 6:21 PM
smcknight21 @RickFischer thanks! Love this place 8/2/11 6:35 PM
Celli0621 @smcknight21 I’m going back tomorrow! What are the chances I can get you to sign my football?? 8/2/11 6:09 PM
smcknight21 @Celli0621 Ide say really good. Just find me after and I’ll get it 8/2/11 6:13 PM
Celli0621 @smcknight21 I’ll be sure to look for you! You aren’t going to run straight back into the building, are you? 8/2/11 6:17 PM
smcknight21 @Celli0621 no I’ll take time to sign stuff if I see you 8/2/11 6:19 PM