Quote: Mark Sanchez “It Starts with Me”

Quote:  Mark Sanchez “It Starts with Me”
Mark Sanchez
Just one goal – one goal each year for everyone in the building, … From the cooks in the cafeteria to the strength staff and the training staff, it’s all of us. And it starts with me.
Mark Sanchez QB

Mark is Always Hanging with his WRs

Mark is showing why Rex was right to name with the captain of the team this year.  He was humbled Rex announced it.  Watching footage yesterday from Jets Camp on 8/2, I saw Mark constantly coaching up his receivers.  He was with Plax reviewing the playbook and then I saw him run a route showing one of the rookies where he should be on the field.  With the addition of John Moore on the offense, I really do expect Mark to have his breakout year in his 3rd NFL Season.  Not that going to the AFC Championship his first two NFL Seasons is a failure.  He also is the winningest QB in the playoffs for the Jets.

I’m going to make a prediction:  If Mark can lower his TD/INT Ratio, I’m saying he goes to the pro-bowl this year.  I know the goal is to win the Super Bowl and that Mark isn’t into individual accolades, but I’m saying regardless, he goes to Hawaii.