Picture: Woody Johnson Watching His Troops at #JetsCamp

Picture:   Woody Johnson Watching His Troops at #JetsCamp
KristianRDyer Woody talking with fans: http://t.co/lOBuYtn 8/3/11 2:45 PM

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Woody Johnson at Jets Camp 2011 Talking to Fans


rodboone Woody Johnson watching his troops. #Jets http://t.co/liEsWev 8/3/11 3:17 PM

Woody Viewing His Troops

  • Guy Massey

    He has to be one of the coolest cats in the biz!! Thanks for hiring Rex Ryan and Mike T Mr. Johnson!!

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      I totally agree Guy.  I got to meet him and he is a “cool cat”.

      • Guy Massey

        Must be nice living in the same city as your favorite team!! (me being jealous of all you jets fans in NY) lol

        • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

          I wouldn’t know… I live in PA but I’m close enough. ;)