The @Mark_Sanchez Effect on Twitter

The @Mark_Sanchez Effect on Twitter

I woke up this morning and my routine was going as usual.  I just took the kids for their breakfast after filling up for gas and we were in the parking lot waiting for their camp to open at 7:30am.  While the kids were chowing down, I was sipping my coffee and checking my twitter feed on my iPhone.

I tweeted this morning that I truly enjoyed watching the Derek Jeter 3k HBO special (and you know that was hard for me to admit because I’m a Mets fan) and was reading the replies.  My friend Chuck Knoblauch replied and we were having a conversation about it.  Yes, that Chuck, as in Yankee legend with 5 World Series Rings!

e_man The Derek Jeter 3K Documentary on HBO was awesome and I’m a #mets fan. 8/2/11 6:12 AM
ChuckKnob4real @e_man is it really that good E? 8/2/11 6:35 AM
e_man @ChuckKnob4real Chuck it was amazing. I knew Jeter was a class act but this confirmed it. U should see it! 8/2/11 7:19 AM
ChuckKnob4real @e_man I need to check it out. 8/2/11 7:29 AM

To continue the story, I dropped off my kids and took off for work.  My iPhone was charging and continued to play my mix of Heavy Metal when all of a sudden it started to vibrate.  I thought I was getting a phone call and it was my alerts that I had set up for when I get a new follower to either @e_man or @jetstwit.

One after the other started to pop on my screen.  10 followers turned into 20 turned into 30 in 10 minutes.  I decided to pull over and check out what happened.  I first looked at the replies I was getting and every single one of them had Mark Sanchez’s twitter name in them.  I pulled up Mark’s tweets and saw that he had asked the Jets fans if they were going to #JetsCamp today?

Mark_Sanchez Fired up to see our fans today, What jet fans are coming to practice today??? @jetstwit 8/2/11 7:22 AM

That  simple act of putting my account for this blog @jetstwit at the end set off the domino effect…. ….and let me just say wow.  As I write this story to you, my screen is still popping with alerts.

Mark has 435,845 followers.  What I am seeing is that people are RTing the message.  They are following themselves, but then the message gets sent to their followers who are probably Jets fans as well.  Then they start following @jetstwit.

Mark, if you are reading this:  YOU ARE THE MAN!  Thank you for shouting me out!  Oh and to answer your question:  No I’m not coming to #JetsCamp today BUT I think I’m now reconsidering going to the next one!  If I go, I’ll be the guy sporting the Authentic #90 Dennis Byrd Jersey.

Anyone planning to go, hit me up on this blog.  I would love to meet up with some fans!!




    You’re a metalhead Eric? Guess who my favorite Jets blogger is now!!

    • Erik Manassy

      haha, yeah LOVE Metal.