Jets are Considering Trading Jerricho Cotchery to Free up Cap

Jets are Considering Trading Jerricho Cotchery to Free up Cap
michaelombardi Yes confirmed from 2 NFL team sources, the Jets are willing to trade WR–Jerrico Cotchery-possiblely to free up cap space and sign other FAs 8/1/11 11:56 AM

Wow, there were rumors yesterday that the Jets were calling around about trades, but they didn’t mention who the player was and today we find out it was Cotch.

You have to think that the Jets don’t feel he can get back to 100% after his surgery.

I don’t think fans are going to like this…

BobGlauber Have to believe a lot of Jets’ players hope the team is unable to trade Jerricho Cotchery. Extremely popular in the locker room. #nyj #jets 8/1/11 12:22 PM


  • Shane Flavien

    NO NO NO, Cotch is one of my favorite Jets, wtf is Mike T thinking? Dont tell me they would trade Cotch just to sign Moss…

  • NyDeebo

    Crocthery has been a great Jet but if it can help us get another FA then I would be ok with it, his next time might make him a starter, I would wish him success.

    • NyDeebo

      * next team

  • Mike Sorce

    It’s moves like this that make me happy I got a TOON throwback jersey.  At least I know he’s a Jet for LIFE ;-)

  • Jason Molina

    Dislike this a lot… Cotch is great and has probably the best hands on the team… I wouldn’t want Sanchez throwing to anyone else on a 3rd and 5… He is a good player and fits well, it would be very sad to see him go…

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  • Jpinneri

    So disappointed in this potential BAD move – JCo is one of the most reliable, hard working players on the team. Underrated player who always gives 110% – he didn’t have a great year due to injury & still had over 40 catches – who else are you going to get that kind of dedication from?!? Big mistake if they let him go

    • Erik Manassy

      They just put JCo on the PUP list today… 

  • clownetto

    Great news no sense in crying over spill milk Jco hasnt been the same since Sancheeze been the QB and he isnt winning no WR battle for number 2 or 1 and as a 3 he is not performing. give the rookies a chance faster younger blood in the slot might finally give sanchez more options than holmes all the time.