Cromartie will Play this Season with a Chip On his Shoulder

Cromartie will Play this Season with a Chip On his Shoulder
DWAZ73 Any hard feelings by @A_Cromartie31 about Jets going after Asomugha? No, but “just know I have a big chip on my shoulder.” #Jets 8/1/11 4:56 PM

“At the end of the day I still feel as though I’m a No. 1 corner, I feel like we have two No. 1 corners on this team. Do I feel like Nnamdi is better than me? No. Do I feel like any other corner is better than me? No. But that’s the confidence I have in myself but at the end of the day I have a chip on my shoulder just to prove to everyone the ability that I have and the faith that this organization has put into me to give me a four-year deal.”

BobGlauber Cromatie said there are no hard feelings toward Darrelle Revis after @Revis24 endorsed signing Nnamdi last week. 8/1/11 4:54 PM

I’m glad that Cro feels like he is a number one corner in the league.  On most teams he is, but if he thinks he is better than Darrelle Revis, I hate to tell him that he’s not.  I’m also going to say that Nnamdi is better than him as well, but at the end of the day who cares.  I’m glad he’s a Jet and I kind of thought he would feel like he was Plan B with the Jets focusing all their attention on Nnamdi first.

KristianRDyer Cromartie says he will being playing “with the biggest chip on my shoulder.”On Asomugha”Do I feel that Nnamdi’s better than me? No.” #nyjets 8/1/11 4:52 PM

In my post Saturday, I predicted he would be very pissed off and apparently (and it doens’t take a rocket scientist) to figure it out:

Cromarite Pissed Off?

Did you know that Nnamdi and Cro have the same agent.  If they can use us like they did, hey even the Jets didn’t know about the Eagles until last minute, do you really think we are going to be able to get Cromartie.  I hope I’m wrong, but I get this strange feeling that 1.  Cro doesn’t want to come back and 2.  He will play a game with us as well.  Again, PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG. The reason I believe he may do this is because does he fell slighted that we really wanted Nnamdi first over him.  Now he may feel that the Jets are only pursuing him because we are desperate.  That puts him in the driver’s seat in my opinion.  I hate to say this, but maybe he needs to go.  Remember, he is a very good corner back.  He is NOT, I repeat NOT a great corner back.  He should get paid for what he’s worth, 6-7 Mil a year, no more, no less. What’s still sitting badly in my craw is the fact that he said he won’t be giving the Jets a hometown discount.  I get it.  Players want to get paid and I’m cool with him doing that but not cool with him saying it publicly.  KEEP QUIET.  That statement rubbed this Jets fan the wrong way.

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    I’m glad he’s got a chip on his soulder. Music to my ears. Now go out and play