A PR First: A Release on a Tattoo (Rex’s)

A PR First:  A Release on a Tattoo (Rex’s)

Matt Higgins, EVP of the Jets,  tweeted a leg this morning with the entire calf covered in a tribal tat.  The leg belonged to one Rex Ryan.  In a PR first I think, the Jets put out an official press release:

“I was on vacation in Hawaii (early last month),” he said. “I’ve got a couple of tattoos before. I just felt like it. The guy that I went to had given me tattoos before and it’s just something that I wanted to do.”

RichCimini Rex Ryan has a new tattoo. In fact, he issued a statement on the tat. No, it doesn’t say “Soon to be SB champs.” http://t.co/80Lkxfh #Jets 8/1/11 5:50 PM
rodboone Rex words: “I just felt like it.” RT @jetsfan_46: @rodboone Curious to know why he got it. 8/1/11 5:42 PM