My Take (@e_man) on the Jets Free Agency Moves

My Take (@e_man) on the Jets Free Agency Moves

Ok, with the beginning of the frenzy free agency winding down a bit, I wanted to take a look at the moves the Jets Made or in some cases didn’t (aren’t) making and going to give you my opinion on them.  On Monday, I did my weekly podcast, THE JETS TWIT PODCAST with @L7Panda and @nacarano and what I wanted and what is turning out are night and day.

The Nnamdi Asomugha Hype

He Used Us.

I’ll admit, I dove in head first and as the hours went on, I was getting excited at the prospect of having the two best CB’s on one team.  Where I think the Jets screwed up is not the fact that they didn’t land him but the point that they put all their effort and energy into signing him.

What makes me angry are reports that Nnamdi was passionate about signing with the Eagles because he felt they were Super Bowl ready and the Jets weren’t.  Really Nnamdi?  Really, the Jets are on the down bubble according to you.  Ok, much success, we’ll boo you during the pre-season, get ready.

Cromarite Pissed Off?

Cro may Go

Did you know that Nnamdi and Cro have the same agent.  If they can use us like they did, hey even the Jets didn’t know about the Eagles until last minute, do you really think we are going to be able to get Cromartie.  I hope I’m wrong, but I get this strange feeling that 1.  Cro doesn’t want to come back and 2.  He will play a game with us as well.  Again, PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG.

The reason I believe he may do this is because does he fell slighted that we really wanted Nnamdi first over him.  Now he may feel that the Jets are only pursuing him because we are desperate.  That puts him in the driver’s seat in my opinion.  I hate to say this, but maybe he needs to go.  Remember, he is a very good corner back.  He is NOT, I repeat NOT a great corner back.  He should get paid for what he’s worth, 6-7 Mil a year, no more, no less.

What’s still sitting badly in my craw is the fact that he said he won’t be giving the Jets a hometown discount.  I get it.  Players want to get paid and I’m cool with him doing that but not cool with him saying it publicly.  KEEP QUIET.  That statement rubbed this Jets fan the wrong way.

Brad Smith Sneaks Away

Triple Threat Walks Away

Under their noses, they let Brad Smith walk which the player admits wanted to remain with the Jets but when you don’t even make him an offer, tells me that they were going to let him walk from the outset.  We later found out that Westhoff was not too pleased with the Jets letting him walk.

I wish Brad all the success in the world, but he signed with the Bills.  The Bills.  Last I checked they were one of the worst teams in the NFL.  It’s a good thing he got paid.  Joe Namath even tweeted that he wished the Jets kept him.

We Let a Very Good Punter Walk

He's a Giant now. That Doesn't Sit Well with Me

Steve Weatherford wanted to remain a New York Jet.  Why did we let him go.  Before you tell me that he’s just a punter, field position matters and OH, did you know he set an NFL Record this past season with Gang Green.  Steve put the ball 42 times inside the 20 yard line.  Now who do we have to replace him?  Conley, a Rex favorite who has no experience and we signed a no namer to a 3 year deal.  WHO is this guy?

I think special teams is taking a hit.  We let our kick returner walk, Brad Smith and now we let our punter go.

Not Enough to Sign Guys

Reports were out yesterday that current players were restructuring their contracts to free up cap room and last I heard we were 10 Mil under.  Despite the new money, word on the street is that we won’t be able to afford our free agents.

Not Happy we will Lose Bray

We let Drew Coleman walk, who is great on blitzes but not a loss in the secondary.  Braylon Edwards is going to find greener pastures because despite the Jets saying they like Braylon and want to keep him, won’t be able to do so.  The same case is with Brodney Pool who will cash in somewhere else.  He filled in nicely by the way after Leonhard’s season was over with his injury.

TheJetsStream I’ve been told #Jets aren’t bringing back Braylon Edwards. #NYJ likes him, but they don’t have $$ to re-sign him. Source: “It won’t happen” 7/30/11 7:19 AM

Not being able to sign Braylon Edwards bothers me.  I think we take a hit in our WR depth and will most certainly look to sign a free agent.  John Clayton has been tweeting like crazy that the Jets will most likely sign Randy Moss.  Eh.  I’m ok with this only if Rex has his come to Jesus talk with him and he shows up in a big way.

Ok, so I feel a little better getting this off my chest, let’s see what is in store for the rest of the week.  I think it’s safe to say that other than signing Holmes, which was huge for us, Free agency for the Jets has been average at best.  I give them a C- so far.  Come on Trader Mike, let’s get going, sign a difference maker!

I feel like we are losing here in Free Agency and I don’t really have a warm bubbly feeling.  Do you?



    Osi Umenyiora

  • Smtomaska

    I give it more a D+. Great blog.

    • JetsTwit

      Thank U, I’m glad you like it.

  • Dryorkin81

    I glad Jets DIDN’t Get Nnamdi (this is what I want to believe today) .. However for the JETS CORE Difference bring back CRO and beef up the LB’s and DL LINE ..

  • neville mitchell

    I have legit beef that they are crying that they can afford to bring Edwards back.  I’m with you for not overpaying Cro, but I’m not sold on the idea that he has to go.  I thought he did a decent job at CB last year.  The problem is playing opposite 24 means you are going to get a TON of balls thrown your way, and there are some matchups that cause him more problems than others.
    I’ll also say he’s a veteran presence in the return game now that Brad Smith is gone.  I’m pissed off with Westhoff on that one too.

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