This is Why the L7 Tailgate Rocks

This is Why the L7 Tailgate Rocks







@ Need to start planning how you guys are going to get @ up and tailgating with you guys... #TeamTitan
Chuck Vine

For those that don’t know @mmjcgroup go follow him.  He is none other than former player Marvin Jones #55 for the Jets.  Make sure you check out who is run by one of my co-hosts Joe Grinwis @L7Panda on The Jets Twit Podcast.

Planning on visiting us at the Tailgate?  DO IT.  I’m there EVERY Single week with a TON of Jets fans, must you know on twitter.  Stop by any game.

 The L7tailgate was started by Joseph Grinwis, Mike Milillo and Michael Catalano in August of 2010. We met via Twitter, very 21st-century, and started to throw out idea’s on how we would make the tailgate the best tailgate at the New Meadowlands Stadium for years to come.

PictureOn August 16th, a legendary tailgate was born.

There were many outstanding additions along the way, but a special shout-out goes to Brian and Suzette Tomaska who came to the tailgate halfway through the 2011 season and have been OUTSTANDING in helping the tailgate grow. Suzette’s cooking is fantastic and she’s a lovely young lady as well, and Brian brings fierce beer pong skills, the type of skills needed to try to beat the Panda at beer pong.


Another great addition that was made after the preseason was Erik Manassy  (@e_man), who runs JetsTwit, and I have been lucky enough to make several guest appearances during his show in the off-season. Erik, Brian and Suzette are three die-hard, passionate Jets fans who I can honestly say have made just as many contributions, if not more, than I have done and I am forever great-full. This is why they are listed as L7 co-founders even though they showed up later on in the first season.