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Revis on Nnamdi: “I’d Love to Have Him as a Teammate”

Revis on Nnamdi:  “I’d Love to Have Him as a Teammate”

Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomuha on the same team absolutely sends shivers down my spine as it probably would to opposing wide receivers lining up across from this potential tandem.  Not only are Jets fans hoping that the Jets can some how get this deal done, some of the players are also hoping this can come true.

Bart Scott was on twitter telling him to “Come to the Light” and Revis recently spoke about his thoughts of having him on the team.

Revis on Nnamdi: “He’s the best cornerback in the league, me and him in tandem would be unbelievable.” #Jets #NFL
7/27/11 4:08 PM
Revis on Asomugha: “I’d love to have him as a teammate.” #nyj
7/27/11 4:08 PM
#Jets @Revis24 on teaming with Nnamdi: “We want to see it. Hopefully it will happen.” #nyj
7/27/11 4:09 PM
Revis said he and Asomugha spoke at the Pro Bowl on being on the same team. But said he’s not recruiting him; they’re friends. #nyj
7/27/11 4:10 PM
Darrelle said he has spoken to Nnamdi recently, but it wasn’t a recruiting pitch. #Jets
7/27/11 4:11 PM
“I’ve spoken to him, but I haven’t recruited him,” Revis said about Asomugha. #Jets
7/27/11 4:11 PM
Revis said Nnamdi is smart nuff to know where he should play. Keeps biz/friendship separate. “I’ve spoken to him, but I didn’t recruit him.”
7/27/11 4:12 PM
If Asomugha comes to #Jets, “our pass defense is going to be sky high,” @Revis24 says.
7/27/11 4:14 PM
#Jets Revis confirms my report from yesterday that the Jets haven’t reached out to his camp to restructure his contract. #nyj
7/27/11 4:13 PM



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