Braylon Edwards Deletes Tweet about Jets Management

Braylon Edwards Deletes Tweet about Jets Management

There was a lot to talk about Braylon Edwards today… He put behind him his possible Jail time.  He was tweeting congrats to his fellow Jets WR Holmes and probably was hoping he would be next and towards the end of the day venting his frustration.

Braylon put out a tweet in which he later deleted.  I happened to RT the tweet so here it is under my account.  I added the “wow” as I couldn’t believe he would tweet this knowing that he was trying to get signed:

“@: I would love to be a Jet but the feeling doesn't seem to be mutual with the management.” > wow
Erik Manassy

I love the Jets Signings Today, but We Need Braylon

He then followed up with the following tweets:

All of my court days r behind me, thk God and I am ready to play Football!
7/27/11 5:11 PM
Will always love jets nation no matter what happens
7/27/11 5:32 PM
On another note whatever team wants B easy step to the fore front so we can get this thing moving forward. “will work for touchdowns” lol
7/27/11 5:34 PM

I had said this on this week’s episode of the Jets Twit Podcast (Go Give it a listen) that I would prefer to have Edwards signed rather than Holmes.  I think Holmes is better for the Jets, but I was looking at it from a whole and signing all the players that could help the Jets win.  Now that Santonio has signed this morning, my prediction has changed.  The way the Jets are talking about Nnamdi A (still can’t spell his last name), I believe that if they do sign him, Cromartie is toast.

I believe that Edwards fate lies with what happens to the other big receivers left in the market.  If they get gobbled up, I believe the Jets will low ball Braylon and offer him a job if he’s one of the only one’s left.  I’m kind of shocked that no teams are really pursuing him aggressively.

So what do you think?  Is Braylon going to remain a Jet?