Jets Go Back to Work – Player Tweets

Jets Go Back to Work – Player Tweets

It’s back to work for the football and the New York Jets players!  I’m going to assume that the players that will be showing up today to work will be the players that are signed and secure in their jobs.

Jerry McCrea/The Star-Ledger

I don’t expect to see any free agents but who knows with the way football has been the past months.  The routines as we know it are so screwed up, but it’s great to talk about Football and the season and not the lockout.


Big day at Florham park, @ and the #jets in at 10. This is the first thing they will see.

Here are some of the tweets from players getting ready to report to Florham park this morning:

Goodmorning Twitter. Feels great to be back. LETS GO! #JETS
7/26/11 8:22 AM
Good morning good morning good morning (in my morning announcement voice)
7/26/11 9:08 AM
Haven’t made this drive in 6 months. I hope I don’t get lost! #backtowork
7/26/11 9:24 AM
Looking forward to pulling into #Jets Drive.
7/26/11 9:28 AM
Nevermind. Can’t enter the facility until 10am. Now I have a half hour to kill. Not a great way to start the process
7/26/11 9:36 AM

"Can you forgive me?"