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NFL Lockout Ends – New York Jets Player Reactions

NFL Lockout Ends – New York Jets Player Reactions

With the NFL Lockout officially over, expect this week to be one of the craziest EVER in the history of the NFL. With teams playing catchup to get ready for the season, rookies, Free Agents and veterans will be scrambling.

Here is some reaction from Jets players:

Good Morning #Team17 were back in business #LockoutIsOver now let’s find out where we’re playing! What team do u wanna see me with?
7/25/11 11:34 AM
Happy to hear we will have football soon!! Going to be a very interesting and intense few days!!
7/25/11 11:16 AM
Dang it feels good to workout and know it’s really for a purpose!! #footballisback
7/25/11 11:14 AM
I wake up to a txt that says the lockout is over #winning
7/25/11 9:59 AM
Can’t Wait, as Bart would say, to my teammates and coaches sunday!!!!
7/25/11 9:10 AM


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