My Bad Experience at @DunkinDonuts

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I love Dunkin Donuts coffee.  If I’m not taking pictures a fresh cup of hot brew in my hand, I’m checking into one of many shops that I happen to be the mayor on Foursquare.  

You could say I’m a walking commercial for Dunkin Donuts, and what I experienced this past Sunday at the DD in Hazleton PA had me a little frustrated.

Now I KNOW that from time to time, you will get poor service.  I typically brush it off and move on.  I’m not going to get bent out of shape if my coffee isn’t sweet enough, hot enough or it took a while to serve me.  It doesn’t happen often or all at once but it happens from time to time.  Big deal.

This particular stop was a nightmare from the moment I rolled down my window at the drive thru.

  • I ordered a Medium Latte to which to the person at the window told me the machine was broken. I ordered a medium coffee and large with cream and sugar instead.
  • I ordered two strawberry frosted donuts to which the person at the window told me they didn’t have those.  I then asked them what they had to which the person responded Strawberry frosted.  Ok, maybe they didn’t hear me.  I ordered two.
  • I pulled up to the window, and the gentlemen gave me one medium coffee and the two donuts.  
  • The large wasn’t on the bill, so I told him I would like a large with cream and sugar.  He gave me a cup and I pulled away.
  • The coffee was black.  I thought I could drink it but it was very very bitter.  My wife’s medium had the cream and sugar and her’s was bitter as well.

On our way past Scranton, I stopped into a Dunkin Donuts and replaced the coffees with some hot tasty brews.

I’ll assume that the Hazelton Dunkin Donuts was a fluke but there was so MUCH wrong with that stop that I felt compelled to talk about it.  Don’t worry Dunkin Donuts, I still love you.