Don’t Buy Things at 3:00AM! My Cluster.

I’m holding my breath and here is why… I did something stupid.  I ordered the iPad2 on the 11th at 3:45am.  It just so happened that I woke up for some reason and it had nothing to do with the earthquake that was hitting Japan or the fact that Apple was taking orders in the early morning.  I just woke up.

So being that I already was awake, I decided to buy the iPad2.  Here’s the problem.  A week earlier I purchased photographs on the apple site and had them delivered to my Grandfather-in-laws house.  Well, apparently once you change the address it remembers it.  AH.

So being that it was 3:45 am, I was anxious to be one of the few to get my order in, and I was just clicking like a mad man, I realized I shipped my iPad2 and the cover (separate orders) 130 miles south of where I live.

To make things worse, my mother-in-law usually is home but she is away this week which leaves my father-in-law, who WORKS during the hours that Fed-Ex delivers.

After spending some time on the phone with him trying to convince him that Apple doesn’t care if you sign that piece of paper, the driver still won’t leave the device on the steps.

So, I’m going to hold my breath and hope all works out.  I received the first missed delivery message from Saturday.  Today is the real test when I see if they accept the signature for the cover.  The big package comes in the next couple of days.

The lesson of this story.  Don’t buy anything online at 3:00 AM!  LOL.

Wish me luck.