New features in Madden ‘12: Lockout Edition

Franchise Mode

  • Prevent players from entering facility.
  • Keep your fan fury meter below 75%.
  • Prevent the restaurants around the stadium from going bankrupt.
  • Persuade music tours to make winter outdoor concert appearances.
  • Try to convince the public that the players are the ones at fault.
  • Choose which yacht/mansion/jet to sell.
  • Scout the UFL for replacement players.
  • Generate growth, any way possible.


  • Find the Cobra health insurance plan that’s best for you.
  • Rehab injuries with unqualified physical therapists who know nothing about football.
  • Go into credit card debt.
  • Find alternative outlets for pent up aggression like bar brawls and spousal abuse.
  • See if that one year of college eligibility is still good.
  • Pursue second career in manual labor.
  • Work out with a bowflex.

I love this!!!