Expanding My Personal Brand

I like to think of myself as a social animal who loves to use all the popular tools out there:  Twitter, Facebook, etc… I have most social accounts, I run a successful blog (Jets Twit – http://jetstwit.com), and now I want to experiment with a new brand:  ME

I didn’t want to create a personal blog on the word-press platform but decided to experiment with a tumblr blog.  

I have wanted to create a blog to share my thoughts and ideas about blogging, starting a business, my family and just about anything else that happens to come oozing from my brain.  I had attempted this a couple of times on Blogger but just didn’t like the platform and so I have a couple of abandoned blogs that I should probably delete.

I’m going to TRY NOT to talk about the Jets here, but they may come up relative to my blogging about them on Jets Twit.

Signing off for now.  E